There is definitely something to be said about our NATURAL body disposition. Read about Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs and Endomorphs here. You could be naturally pre-disposed to one type primarily, or like me, maybe be a mixture of all 3. I love this information because it really tells us how our body builds muscle, uses macros to fuel us and really helps us design effective workouts for our body types! HOWEVER, I really felt the need to share something with all of you today- YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR BODY COMPOSITION. Meaning the way you eat and the workouts you choose will determine your results. There is not a one size fits all! You have a blueprint for YOU and what you eat and how you move your body is up to you. And let me warn you, I am feeling all fired up just writing this! 

So, I am basically going to break down a couple of ways you can start to change your composition. And to be clear-I mean composition in terms of the way you want your look, ASSUMING you want a lean and strong build.  I should probably also mention in regards to the info above about body types-you need to know that you cannot fundamentally change everything about the way you look. For instance, I am a 5’2  ecto/meso who has had 3 babies. My body is not going to morph suddenly into a 5’10 supermodel who is super skinny, NOR will I have had a J-Lo build. BUT there are things you can do right now to make your body leaner, more muscular and have a much higher metabolism! 


Do you even lift, bro? I know it sounds so meat-headish, but this just isn’t a debate. Ladies, especially as we age, we can no longer rely on our metabolism to trim us up. That is a thing of our teens and 20’s and hormonally speaking, I firmly believe we are remiss to think we can have a good metabolism without lifting. Having children, menopause, lack of sleep and damage we have done to our metabolism with “restrict, then binge” mode can really be turned around with the iron. Muscle burns fat. Period.

And ya’ll hear me say this with all LOVE and RESPECT in my message–you CANNOT do this by using 8 pound weights over and over for years and years. You really need to use progressive overload  to get stronger and grow your muscles. I already hear it coming…”but, I am afraid of getting bulky.” Listen, I get it. But truly, “bulky” is so subjective. What is bulky to one woman is not to another. Honestly, I am not really into super bulky body either-I want to be trim with defined muscles and be able to knock out 100 push ups no problem. I have a good friend who totally is into being muscled up and that’s what she aims for–she wants to have bulging biceps and quads, so she does a ton of traditional weight lifting (bench press, barbell squats, deadlifts, etc.). Let me tell you either way, having muscle doesn’t necessarily mean hulking out. It means you are growing your muscles to an extinct to prevent atrophy-which means you have to challenge your muscles all the time! This is turn, revs your metabolism and puts your body into a fat burning mode. So, pick up the weights-you can start light, but you MUST increase and challenge as time does on. This will change your body.  

2. You Need To Eat More.

This is so huge, you guys. We are so sadly misinformed as a culture that deprivation is what it takes to be fit. A calorie deficit works for a time, but always leads to plateau, re-weight gain, and effed up metabolism. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to be eating the proper amount of macronutrients. I am not going to go in depth on this right now, because I am actually in the middle of writing an e-course on it (which I am DYING to share with ya’ll!!!), but you need protein, fats and carbs. And you need healthy amounts in healthy food. Not junk, but good food.

And for the sake of simplicity, I want to give you a take away to work on. You need more protein. Women are so often clueless when I tell them how much protein they need in their diet. Protein is the assistant to building that muscle I am so freaking passionate about, it makes you full and it makes you lean. When I coach my clients thru how much protein they actually need in one meal, they literally almost choke to see the amount of food on their plates and how much protein supplements I suggest to them throughout the day. BUT, they see the difference in weeks over their cravings and bad habits. It becomes clear to them that their deprive-binge eating has been the cause of their fat gain all along and it becomes a habit. It’s a beautiful thing, you guys.

As a rule of thumb-try to eat your weight in grams of protein per day. So not to be overwhelmed, start with breakfast only for 2-3 weeks. See what it looks like, see how you have to shop, see how much more satiated you feel. Then, from there, move on to lunch, then dinner. Don’t treat this like a sprint or “quick fix” fad. It’s a marathon! Take your time!!

3. SLEEP.  

Well, isn’t this a treat? I am telling you to sleep more. Sleep is not an luxury-like we have been told. Sleep is essential. And ya’ll, it’s not just for your sanity (thought that is a huge part), it is for your BODY COMPOSITION. Hopefully, you have read my e-book, 10 Habits of Lean People. If you haven’t, please close out of this when you are done reading, and re-visit my site to get your FREE copy. If you can’t get it, shoot me an email and I will send it to you. This e-book breaks down why you need sleep a little more in depth than I will here.

I am so very passionate about sleep. Lack of sleep causes your body to produce cortisol. Cortisol tells your body to “STAY ALIVE” and get nice a plump! Sort of like whale blubber protects a whale from the cold! HA! It also messes with your insulin, which then affects the way your body breaks down carbs. It’s a cyclical nightmare and I write about it all the time-I’m so passionate about it! The first thing I look at when I coach women is how much sleep they are getting. And before I instruct a step further I tell them to find an extra hour and take naps. I realize our mama and work lives are incredibly stretched and it seems like sleep is the first thing to give, but I am here to urge you…say “no” to something else. Would you ever leave your precious Iphone on low battery mode for more than a few minutes? HAAAA! I know the answer to that-NEVER! Treat your body the same way-it’s got to get re-charged and sleep is the only way.

I do a LOT more in-depth coaching on how to work on all 3 of these body-composition changing factors in my Fit & FREE program. You can find out more about it HERE and sign up for our next sessions starting APRIL 3rd!

xoxo, Nic