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Charcuterie: The ULTIMATE Summer staple!

Charcuterie boards are EASY and the best way to entertain! I always have the very best intentions to host and entertain people. However, I am finding that the same intentions I always have give way to the same excuses. When I was younger, it was that I had small...

3 EASY WAYS You Are Forgetting To Get In Front Of Your Audience

I want to preface something. I love Instagram. Like love it so much that I have to set time constraints on it via the new handy-dandy Iphone "Screen time" update. Instagram feels easy to me. Especially now that we have IG Stories, I feel like I can finally live out my...

Get Results *Even When Life is Crazy*

This photo is not only a depiction of what my life often LOOKS like, but also a depiction of what my life FEELS like It’s a little bit of a circus, a little bit piece-milled together and DEFINITELY fun. And hard. And often makes me feel like there is...