Food freedom

Do you struggle with the restrict, binge, failure cycle that diets bring? Of course you do! WE ALL DO! And here’s a little secret: it has absolutely NOTHING to do with your will power! 95% of all prescriptive diets results in re-gainig of the weight lost within 1-5 years. Soooooo, if this is true- WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO DIET? I created my Food FREEdom video course as a mini-version of my signature Fit & FREE Course to help you learn how to break the diet cycle, learn your body type and eat sustainably for a healthy weight forevermore!

This is a course for those of you who have had ENOUGH of dieting by food restriction and the endless cycle of losing and re-gaining weight. You are ready to make peace with food and move on with your life while enjoying things you love! In other words- NEVER DIET AGAIN!

This self-paced, comprehensive course will teach you how to:

  • Know your pre-disposed body type
  • Understand the diet life cycle
  • Recognize your body’s hunger, energy and cravings
  • Have unconditional permission to eat all foods
  • Buck the “eat less, exercise more” belief
  • Have more satisfaction in food while still maintaining a sustainable lifestyle AND weight
  • Never fall into the All or Nothing pattern with food again


What’s included

  • Login access to the portal
  • 8 Food FREEdom videos teaching intuitive eating
  • Weekly assignments
  • An *optional* coaching call with me for an additional fee

What others have to say

“I simply never knew that I should just eat when my body gave hunger cues. After being on a diet on and off for most of my life- I viewed eating as a scheduled concept with many “do’s” and “don’ts”  or elses. These videos have helped me understand that there is not a prescriptive diet that works for all and we have to get to know our own body cues and find what works for us.” – Jenny F.


“I have never ever considered eating intuitively for my body. However, IT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE than wrecking our metabolism thru chronic dieting!” – Terri G.

“My body will never be super small. This course has opened my eyes to people who are endomorphic, or born in larger bodies and how we can be very healthy without being super small.” – Susan P.