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5 Things You Need to Know as a Mompreneur

Honestly, I hate the urban dictionary word deemed “Mompreneur”. I mean it’s a clever take in a society that lives for name combinations. It’s fine, but sometimes it makes me feel a little under-valued, maybe? Like I am not an all-the-way entrepreneur. Like I have one...

3 Ways To Stay On Track While Traveling

Last week, I shared a little bit about my reasoning for creating the "Guide To The Best-ish Fast Food Choices". You can read that post here. The goal isn’t to become a fast food junkie! Quite the contrary! It is to guide thru those less than stellar times when we are...

Take Control Of Your Body Composition

There is definitely something to be said about our NATURAL body disposition. Read about Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs and Endomorphs here. You could be naturally pre-disposed to one type primarily, or like me, maybe be a mixture of all 3. I love this information because it...