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Crazy confidence coaching and mastermind

One of my life missions is to help women not ‘fall asleep’ to themselves. Let me explain. Sometimes, women feel society pressures. Find a mate, get married, have the 9-5, have a few kids, move to the suburbs, give your kids the best and strive for them to be high achievers, build a new house and watch the kids go to a great college! Hooray! You did it! Until…you turn around and you are 50 years old, wondering where YOUR time went.

The American Dream is beautiful. Trust me, I feel like I have taken part in it! But here’s the thing- what do you do with the things that burn in your belly? The creation you have made that you want to share with the world? What do you do with the vision, the dream, the blueprint that keeps showing up in your brain over and over and over again?

My friend, I call those things God-breathed dreams. So, often, we dismiss them and call them “crazy thoughts” and try to rationalize them. I am convinced that often we miss out on fullness of joy because we are not taking risks and having crazy confidence to act on our God-breathed dreams!  It’s part of what you are called to do!

“I joined Nicki’s mastermind at just the right time as a mom and entrepreneur. The group of us attending formed quick bonds even being in such different phases of life, parenting and work. Some came with ideas, some with new ventures, some with startups and some with established businesses. The amazing part was at all levels we learned, challenged and strategized in our specific stages of building and growth. The practices and information covered were not just things for me to implement in my next phase of business, but life-long practices and mindsets to live and work from. I cannot endorse Nicki enough!! I am forever grateful for the business and friendship community she built here.” – Dawn W.

Bummer! The applications process for Crazy Confidence Coaching & Mastermind is currently closed. But do not worry! The next round will begin in MARCH 2020, but the applications will begin in January 2020! Woohoo! Are you a female entrepreneur that wants to level up her business? Get on the waitlist and I will send you information as soon as the process opens back up!

12 months of Business Strategy Coaching

Coaching from Nicki, within a group of like-minded women in the online business industry

Access to archived information

Monthly one-on-one strategy calls with Nicki

Monthly group Zoom accountability call

Monthly topical, business-focused webinars

Access to a private Facebook Group

Additional recorded interviews with others in the industry with relevant insight and tips

4 in-person Mastermind meet-ups in Waco, TX

Dates TBA; we will hear from professionals, brainstorm and intently work on getting to the next-level together. This is OPTIONAL, but *HIGHLY* RECOMMENDED. Travel expenses and lodging is a personal responsibility. Meals will be provided.

Frequently asked questions

Do you suggest keto or paleo?
Nada.. I abhor ALL diets and everything they stand for (including but not limited to: Whole 30, Paleo, Keto, Intermittent fasting and the like). I believe that all of us are created differently, with a unique need for food. I teach people to be their own food detective and learn to listen to their bodies, honor their own hunger cues, and have unconditional permission to eat. THIS METHOD will help you eat sustainably forever and live at a healthy-for-your-body-type weight.
I can't lose weight. What am I doing wrong?
You’ve been trying to lose weight for years with intense exercise and a low calorie diet, but can’t seem to keep weight off. This model of dieting is called the Exercise more, eat less model. In theory, especially for a new exerciser who typically eating a high caloric diet, this method works with relative ease and quickness. Until…it doesn’t anymore. And we feel like a failure because we are doing the “right thing”. This is a metabolism issue every time. Our bodies are smart and when they sense we are “starving” it (which is what a low cal diet does), it signals an SOS to the brain to send out hormones that store fat to keep it alive. So, in simple terms: It backfires. I teach the only way for sustainable eating in my Fit & FREE and Food FREEdom courses.
How do I get my pre-pregnancy body back?
Truthfully, you cannot chase time, therefore, you cannot get your old body back. The best thing to do is make peace with your body as it is. This is a long-term journey though, and takes a great deal of grace and mental healing. I love working with women to get strong, heal their metabolisms and make peace with their bodies. I promote this in all of my programs.
I have a business idea, but I have no idea where to start and I feel stuck!
I have been there too! For me, it took hiring a business coach to get me to the next steps. Now, I like to coach women thru the same things! You can hop on a strategy call with me or check out my Crazy Confidence Coaching and Mastermind to see if it is the right fit for you! Coaching women to follow their dreams is my favorite thing to do!